Friday, May 23, 2014

Underneath the Holodeck

Take a breath and swallow it down.

As we ooze that busy-happy venire of go-go-on-the-go! - "we've got a soccer game / a baseball game / a dance class / a music recital / a show / a party / a dinner!"
And cute quaint houses. With perfecty lives! - "fresh laundry folded / dinner on the table / sprawled on the comfy couch" -
With well-manicured front lawns - "oh, is that a Japanese Maple? / i love your hydrangea / let me tell you how how I keep my grass so green" -
And of course, our shiny gadgets - "it's the new Samsung Smart TV / GE super-silent dishwasher / bluetooth wireless speaker system! / i can stream movies to my television / i can turn on my lights with my smartphone!"-

Optical illusions.

Buried under layers on top of layers of our carefully constructed lives, we have to look hard to even see ourselves at all.

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