Sunday, September 15, 2013

Introduction to Alone - One Point One

Behind me, the sliding doors meet.  The lock softly clicks shut.

The first thing I notice is the floor.  Clean, polished, oak-colored hardwood.  Like a living room.
Why?  A trick to make it feel - what? - more comfortable?  More...homey?

Not so much.

Neon lights bathe the long corridor in a weak antiseptic glow.  And it smells like hospital: acrid sickness masked with disinfectant.

On my left is a sitting room.

A group of patients sit quietly around a TV.  Silently staring.  The disembodied voices from the television - some mind-numbing reality show about a tattoo parlor - were the only sound.

It was the most off-putting and oddly anti-social feeling I've ever had walking into a room filled with people.

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