Saturday, September 14, 2013

Suburban Purgatory - Three

Fragments of conversation sailed by him.

Unfiltered tidbits:

"So, do you think he - like - likes you," she whispered.

"I'm just saying that I think Carmelo has really matured as a player.  He's not just a gunner anymore."

"I just don't feel like we . . . connect anymore," his voice straining.

"I'm with you Goose-man; I'll be your wing-man."

"He *really* is growing up.  Its funny - right - how at every age, you think, 'wow, this is so amazing.'"

"I just want to do work that has impact.  That matters."

"Remember that commercial?!  'We're.  Not.  Candy.  Even though we look so fine and dandy.  When you're sick, we come in handy.  But.  We're not caaandy.  Ohhhhhh no!"  Peels of laughter.

"...completely scalable.  This thing can really grow.  I'm dead serious."

"How do we get back to that time?"  Wistfully.

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