Friday, September 13, 2013

Suburban Purgatory - One

At sunset.  It was snowing.  Big flakes, but nothing was sticking.

The sky was one of those - what some cynical people would call - New Jersey Masterpieces.  Narrow puffy clouds of other-wordly pink and crushed deep oranges, peppered in a rat-a-tat style set across a deep purple darkening sky.

"Just a light dusting is expected tonight across the tri-state area," reported the clipped voice on the radio, as the car pulled into one of the two free spaces across the street from The Pub.

"The Friday morning commute should be all clear."

Inside was a jumble of people.  Conversations.  It was warm.  Comfortable.

His mind cleared a bit, the errand lists and frustrations retreating.  For now.

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